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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer in India

Pusaan Automation PVT LTD offers different types of CNC Flame / CNC Plasma cutting machine.We are India’s top supplier and manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machines. We produce high-end machines using cutting-edge technology. Due to the high quality components we use in our machine, the pricing of our CNC plasma cutting machine is fair. You can look up the cost and output quality of an Indian CNC plasma cutting machine. Our plasma cutting machine quality and price in India are superior to those of our competitors. We frequently offer our clients a variety of options. Different varieties of CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine, such as Bench Type Plasma Cutting Machine, Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, and Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, are produced by Pusaan Automation PVT LTD. You can contact us for a great deal.

Gantry Type Flame / CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

This machine is used for facilitating the process of plasma cutting, which uses an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through electrically conducting materials. Furthermore, it is a well-liked option for applications in both large-scale enterprises and tiny hobbyist shops due to its fast speed and accuracy cut.

Additionally, it is put through a variety of quality tests with expert supervision. Additionally, a variety of metals are cut using a CNC plasma cutting machine of the gantry type. Computers run plasma CNC machines, which use programmed instructions to make materials that adhere to exact requirements. The cutting torch is the standard tool used in plasma cutting machines to cut metal plates, sheets, bolts, pipes, etc.CNC plasma cutter machines have a system that can move the path of plasma torch by computer. Pusaan Automation PVT LTD is the best gantry type CNC Plasma cutting machine manufacturer in India.In the industrial world, our plasma cutting machine is highly regarded. Compared to a fibre laser cutting machine, a plasma cutter can easily cut materials that are the same thickness or thicker. When compared to other dealers and manufacturers, the price of the Gantry type CNC plasma cutting machine is reasonable. For more information about the Bench type machine and Portable CNC plasma cutting machine, see below

Gantry Type Flame / CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Technical Chart

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Technical Parameter

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Bench Type Plasma Cutting Machine

We are skilled in offering consumers a variety of Bench Type Plasma Cutting Machines. A cutting torch is a typical instrument used in plasma cutting machines to cut metal sheets, metal plates, bolts, pipes, etc.

To provide better welded finish requirements, these machines are widely employed in many industries. The suggested machines were created in accordance with standards and rules within the industry. We also provide these machines in a variety of specifications to fulfil the precise needs of the clients. Prior to the final shipping, all of our machines are checked against predetermined criteria. In Faridabad, Pusaan Automation PVT LTD manufactures and offers services for plasma cutting Machine. We consistently operate based on the requirements of our clients. And compared to other dealers, the pricing of the Bench Type CNC Plasma cutting machine is reasonable and manufacturers you can purchase easily contact now.

Salient features of these machines are listed below:-

  • Efficient operation
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Tested using various parameters

Bench Type Plasma Cutting Machine

Technical Chart

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Technical Parameter

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Portable Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine

Item Code: CPM03

We are a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of portable CNC plasma cutting machines with flames. These devices are created using the most recent technology and premium-grade parts. Additionally, India-based Pusaan Automation Pvt. Ltd. produces portable CNC plasma cutting machines. Our mobile flame cutting machines provides a metal with a high-quality cut. In CNC flame cutting, the cutting shape is fed into the front computer and the material is often flame cut, such as tables and other items. Our machines has the capacity to carry out the task effectively and precisely. Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of models, sizes, and shapes to suit their precise needs.

You can look up other Indian companies and their prices for this machine, but we are the top producer of CNC plasma cutting machines in India. because we consistently give our consumers things of high quality. We make our customers a variety of offers. You can pick the machine that best suits your needs.
Key features of these machines are listed below:-

  • Sturdy construction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Cut any irregular figure either individually or with nesting.
  • CNC System design is simple. It adepts humanistic positive man-machine conversation and it is easy to operate.
  • Support flame and plasma cutting.
  • Good working stability, effective shield for high frequency plasma interference, lightweight and portable.
  • Standard Software: Fast CAM, used worldwide.

Many advanced features available in these machines which makes the machine performance well..

Portable Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine

Technical Chart

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Technical Parameter

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Bench Type Plasma cutting

Model scut 1560

Portable CNC Plasma cutting

How CNC Plasma Cutting Machine work and its advantages ?

The Computer numerical control (CNC) system has been incorporated into a variety of modern technologies and machinery. A CNC plasma cutter is one sort of machine that uses computer numerical control. Using an accelerated stream of hot plasma that is directed into the proper cutting material, CNC plasma cutting entails slicing through electrically conducting materials. Materials including aluminium, steel, brass, and copper are just a handful that are frequently cut with this CNC plasma cutting technique. However, CNC plasma cutters can also be used to cut other varieties of conductive metals.

Where CNC Plasma cutting is used

There are many different environments in which CNC plasma cutters are employed. These include shops for fabrication and welding, repair facilities for cars and other vehicles, industrial construction sites, and locations where salvage operations take place. Plasma cutting has a wide range of applications and can be utilised in both large production facilities and at home by amateurs. This machine produces high-quality work. They are also inexpensive, which is another reason why you may find them in many kinds of environments.

A computer-driven system with a plasma torch is what we can define as a typical CNC plasma cutting machine. This torch can be moved by the CNC machine in a variety of directions thanks to numerical coding that has been programmed into a computer utilising CNC. While plasma cam machines like handheld plasma cutters do exist, they typically lack many of the identical features found in a large CNC plasma machine. Mechanised cutting is the term used for these devices. The torch on automated plasma cutters has a straight barrel. Typically, this torch features a CNC-controlled interface.

Example of a CNC Plasma Cutter

For example cut a piece of steel. The machine’s torch is solely moved by computer numerical control in order to cut particular pieces from this steel plate. To ensure that the torch is switched on and off at the proper times to make the correct cut, a programme made up of M code and G code specifies the precise time of the torch as well as the exact size of the portion. The software known as post-processors, which translate CAD files, creates the Part programmes.Given this, using a CNC plasma cutter to help manufacture the items you generate would be your best alternative.

Advantages of Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Easily cutting of all electrically conductive materials with finishing.
  • Cutting easily of high-alloy aluminium and steel materials in large and medium thicknesses and gives a superior quality
  • High strength structural steel cutting with low heat input
  • High cutting speed (10 times more than oxyfuel)
  • Any processing of high quality blank for medium and thick sheet metals
  • plasma cutting give guarantees automation
  • Best quality of plasma cutting under water allows very low heat exposure and low noise level at the workplace
  • Plasma cutting reduces very low heat and noise levels at the underwater workplace
  • The operation of one or more burners depending on the series

CNC Plasma cutting Features

  • Medium heat input.
  • Metallurgical perfect surfaces for welding.
  • Smooth, edge surface.
  • Low to high cut quality.
  • High speed cutting.
  • Hardening within the area of the HAZ.
  • Wide range of material such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

You can see our Plasma cutting machine videos on youtube.

Plasma Cutting Vs Laser Cutting

  • Plasma cutting can cut easily the same and greater thicknesses of material than Laser Cutting.
  • Plasma cutting may have a low kerf (the width of the material removed by the cutting process)
  • Both can have comparable heat affected zones, cleanliness of cut edge
  • Both can have a comparable cleanliness of cut edge and plasma cutting provide high quality efficiency.
  • Bevelled edges and three dimensional sections can be easily processed by both processes (with the application of a third axis or tilt head)
  • If we see this point of Plasma cutting, then Plasma cutting is not affected by the reflective properties of a material and laser cutting may not be possible with polished or highly reflective materials.

Heavy Duty CNC Plasma Cutting Machine As Per Customized Dimensions.

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