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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in India

We are the best fibre laser cutting machine manufacturer in India, we give you a lot of metal laser cutting machine. As you are aware, industries are benefiting greatly from the one-by-one technological advancements that are occurring nowadays. The task is completed quickly and easily thanks to these technology, and the results are good as well. Currently, we’re talking about the metal sectors, which are leveraging these technologies to increase their output and generate a lot of money. As a result, we have offered you a high-quality laser cutting machine at a reasonable price. When compared to other products on the market, our laser fibre laser cutting machine is more affordable, has better quality, and is made with higher-quality components. We also use the most recent, cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our products last as long as possible. Additionally, all of our items are produced under the guidance of our professionals to prevent future problems.

Pusaan Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a brand-leading business in India, one that consistently earns the confidence of its customers and builds stronger bonds with them. When it comes to our sheet metal laser cutting machine price in India, it is reasonable and of high quality. We are the leading provider and manufacturer of fibre laser cutting machines in India and we supply the top models of laser machines for cutting sheet metal. Our powerful laser cutting machine provides a metal with a high-quality cutting surface. The quality of a product is rising thanks to this technology. Fibre laser machines are employed in numerous industries today, including the automotive, lighting, advertising, fitness equipment, and decoration industries. numerous metal businesses also use this laser cutting machine technology. Additionally, you may view the best CNC plasma cutting machine models.

Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Chart

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Technical Parameter

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This cutter’s metal body underwent a 600 ° C heat treatment and is kept cool for 24 hours in the chamber. When this is possible, a plano-milling machine and welded carbonic acid gas are used. High power and a twenty-year service life are therefore guaranteed. Maximum acceleration rate of 1.0G, repeated position precision of 0.05mm/1000mm, and maximum running speed of 100 M/min are all high class-leading and high-efficiency. A world first invention, easy integration, and contemporary design with the least amount of space required for a machine of the same level. Each and every feature, including the control arm, LED indication design, and stainless steel border, exudes excellent and supreme elegance.

We create industrial goods with the newest technologies and to the highest standards of luxury. 600 °C heat treatment, 24 hr. of oven cooling We employ high-quality components to ensure 20 years of operation without deformation. Auto collimator: to check the straightness of the guide rails and ensure each machine set’s precision. It features a database of expert cutting parameters, which means that different cutting parameters will be automatically applied for various sheet metal materials at various thicknesses, reducing the need for operator work. has excellent features implemented and uses servo motors that were originally imported. It has excellent MS 0.5–12mm (depending on material) cutting thickness. We offer top-notch Open Type Fibre laser cutting machine with cutting-edge features.

Exchange Table Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Exchange Table Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Chart

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Technical Parameter

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Exchange Table Type Fibre Laser Cutting Machine: Buy Now! We give you a fantastic bargain and discount. Every detail is perfect, the suspension lamp style, the console has a chrome steel border, and we are producing industrial goods to meet the demands of high-end goods. Our exbelow shows the machine’s technical specs.perts provide the greatest electrical and driving systems. We only use parts of the highest calibre, and the table.

Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Chart

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Technical Parameter

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Exchange Table Type Fibre Laser Cutting Machine: Buy Now! We give you a fantastic bargain and discount. Every detail is perfect, the suspension lamp style, the console has a chrome steel border, and we are producing industrial goods to meet the demands of high-end goods. Our exbelow shows the machine’s technical specs.It includes an upper and lower exchangeable table, which greatly reduces standby time. The drawer-type material collection device also allows for a wide variety of practical options, which significantly boosts the effectiveness of the entire five hundredth. It has a highly distinctive and contemporary style and is furnished with a companion interchangeable table. We included high-quality parts in the machine, giving you a wonderful experience and properly increasing your output.

Advantages of Fiber laser cutting Machine

There are several benefits to employing a fibre laser cutting machine. As you may be aware, there are numerous application domains that use this technology to increase production and expand their businesses quickly. The main benefits of a fibre laser cutting machine are five.

Boost in Cutting Speed– Fibre laser cutting machines have good cutting speeds, which enable them to do jobs fast and with the highest quality possible. A fiber-based laser can cut more quickly than a conventional laser while cutting a straight line that is 1 mm thick.

Superior Performance- You’ll discover that fibre lasers perform better than many of their competitors. Fibres offer a high-quality laser beam that may be tightly focused to attain incredibly high levels of accuracy and greater power density.

Cutting Reflective Material– The reflecting material is one of the key issues when utilising a conventional laser. There is a possibility that a laser reflector will strike the substance and cause damage. Because of this, cutting copper, brass, and aluminium with conventional lasers is uncommon. However, this reflective material issue is no longer a problem with fibre optic lasers, allowing cutting of these materials.

No Moving Parts- The absence of moving parts lowers running expenses and raises maintenance requirements. It is not essential to use a moving mirror to generate the required laser because light pulses are transmitted via fibre optic cabling. There is no material loss during cutting since only the cutting material makes contact with the laser.And provide a best finishing cut.

Higher Electrical Efficiency- Each time the fibre optic design is employed, power is saved, and because less energy is needed, the hardware’s lifespan is also increased. A laser cutter can handle any challenge. High powered lasers can be utilised on a very small region of material with hardly any distortion or warping.

Less Expensive- The cost of fibre laser cutting is perhaps its most beneficial advantage. The cost overhead for this method entails a little initial saving and a significant saving over the course of the laser’s lifetime. For one thing, unlike other laser technology, it does not need pricey optical mirrors. Furthermore, the focusing lens is sealed inside the cutting head rather than being exposed. As a result, unlike laser applications where damage and frequent replacement are required over the lifespan of fibre optics, concentrating lenses only need damage when maintained properly.

Laser Cutting Work & Process

An accurate and seamless transition is produced by moving a focused and precise laser beam across the material you are cutting. The beam first creates a hole at the edge of the material before continuing from that point. Melting is preferred to cutting since the laser basically melts the substance it comes into contact with. This implies that it can effortlessly cut light materials like stones like diamonds, metals, and textiles.

Both pulsed beam and continuous wave beam are options; the former is delivered in brief bursts while the latter operates continually. You may adjust the laser beam’s power, length, and heat output to suit the material you’re working with. You can also use a mirror or special lens to direct the laser beam in the direction you want it to go.

Some Design of Laser Cutting

Application Fields Using Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Many manufacturing industries use this fiber laser cutting technology. And some application fields such as

  • Automobile Industries
  • Lightning Industries
  • Fitness equipment
  • Sheet metal industries
  • Decoration industries
  • Advertisement industries
  • Kitchenware Industries
  • Home Appliances
  • Sports Industries like Fitness, Cricket, Badminton Academies, golf, and many more industries.